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By Isabella

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Imagine a place, where everyone who happens to stumble upon, is a Third Culture Kid. Such a place exists, within the European Schools. Where children of all cultures gather to be educated.

“Side by side, untroubled from infancy by divisive prejudices…will become in mind Europeans, schooled and ready to complete and consolidate the work of their fathers before them, to bring into being a united and thriving Europe.”

The European Schools aim to educate their young, upon entrance into the system, into these values; creating a stronger, United Europe. A place where everyone speaks in several tongues (the school average being 3 upon graduation) so that every one and every culture is understood, that being said, all cultures, history and values being taught to promote tolerance and understanding.

These TCKs enter and leave the system as they please, friends come and go, yet are never forgotten. Every year people leave and people arrive, numbing us to the sensation of loss, as we know we have not lost a friend, but gained a place to stay in another corner of the world.

“The question “where do you come from?” is rarely asked, and there is nothing better than discovering someone of a more complicated background than yourself.” 

No one feels at home in his or her host country, not completely in the least. And when everyone goes back to his or her home country, the feeling is ever stranger. After holidays these experiences are exchanged over lunch and breaks in between classes, bringing the student body ever closer together, knitting them into a family, a place where everyone feels the same and comfortable, no matter how long they have resided there. The European Schools are a sort of hub for TCKs as they all come and go, they transfer between each European School and form new relationships within the community.

Of course, school always ends with a graduation. After graduation, everyone goes off and studies in a different city, country, and continent. No one ever stays in the same place; it’s our second nature to move. It is rare for students to stay and study in the city they graduated high school from, it is almost considered odd. But the relationships last, reunions are held in different cities, Skype and Whatsapp are forever more our best friend.

From this hub, blossomed relationships to last and everlasting memories to be solidified in photographs.

“Nothing lasts forever, and TCKs are experts on the matter.”


Author: thethirdculturekidproject

Founded by 2 TCKs, the TCK Project aims to bring together TCKs and share our stories. " Many losses are often not acknowledged even by their own parents, and the main problem is unspoken, unrecognized, shunted aside." Through our story sharing, we want to speak of this main problem and cope together. If you're in Singapore, email us!

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