Ayesha Solaiman  22, is a proud Pakistani TCK who has lived in 5 countries and across 3 continents. Currently in graduate school, she plans to continue exploring the world whenever possible.

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Rachel is a cocktail enthusiast and candlemaker who has never been vegan. Currently residing in Melbourne, Australia with her fiancee and three vintage tea trolleys.

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Megan  – Currently at university, she is doing research for her final-year dissertation, which is focusing on TCKS.

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Real / On a Journey / Full-time Shower MC / Traveller / Teacher / TCK / Growth-Instigator / Self-Developer

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Angharad – Angharad is a TCQueer, she moved 6 times through 4 continents and currently lives in Seattle, Washington

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Rafia –A TCK studying anthropology who is currently residing in her city of origin to become familiar with her own country.

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